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Help Support the Next Generation of Fearless Explorers

  • During 2018 and 2019, Mike Forrest and Allen Bertagne, between them, donated over $100,000 to support the next generation of E&P Professionals in the SEG EVOLVE Student Program.  


  • This was done through EVOLVE Team Sponsorships and by covering travel, accommodation and other expenses associated with 80 students who attended the SEG Annual Meetings in Anaheim and San Antonio.  

  • For 2020, Mike Forrest has donated $30,000 to the SEG Foundation as a Challenge for companies and individuals to donate, at any level, to the SEG EVOLVE Student Program, including sponsoring a team. Mike sponsored the University of Oklahoma team and personally mentored them as they undertook a very challenging Project offshore New Zealand.


  • If you want to join Allen and Mike in supporting the next generation, you can do so through one of the simple options shown below: 

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EVOLVE  Program Support Fund

If you wish to make a Tax deductible donation to SEG EVOLVE please do so here (a simple "I am not a robot" security check  will come up first):

Corporate Sponsorship of EVOLVE Student Teams

If you wish to make a Tax deductible donation to SEG EVOLVE as a corporation with added benefits, please open the form below and send the completed form to Mike Forrest at

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