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NexGen TRP's approach to skill development is holistic and based on the idea that becoming successful in E&P requires multiple elements to come together simultaneously. Tools and technologies, while important, are insufficient to ensure success, which depends far more on knowledge, experience, the ability to think as well as key human characteristics

Based on the above NexGen TRP has developed and refined over three years, a unique training approach that emphasizes:

Elements of Successful Exploration, compiled by Mike Forrest and Allen Bertagne following discussions with E&P experts (The Leading Edge, January 2020, p.10)

Chart of Succesful Exploration.png
  • Learning through hands-on activities in technologically advanced, virtual digital settings

  • Use of real-world data multi-disciplinary datasets

  • Addressing complex challenges through a Team with diverse technical backgrounds

  • An emphasis on creative thinking and development of new solutions, rather than applying a pre-defined set of knowledge or solutions.


While there are many good courses on software training as well as on specific technical topics, no one else has an offering that is as realistic and as strongly supported by highly-experienced Mentors as the NexGen TRP training.


This is why participants in our offerings report that they retain what they learn far longer than for typical "classroom" course.

What the Industry says

"The SEG EVOLVE program has broken all stereotypes of what well-rounded explorationist training should look like. This is a multidisciplinary collaboration tool for future oil and gas professionals. It is a first of its kind in the degree of professionalism, technical challenge, real-life situations, noncompetitive learning environment, and peer and mentor support that it offers"

- Olga Nedorub

Geophysicist at Apache Corporation

olga nedorub.jpg

"EVOLVE exhibits the essence of how the geophysics profession will be practiced in the future and exemplifies ‘experiential learning’ that will help transition recent graduates to qualified contributing professional interpreters"

- Nancy House

Principal Scientist, Integrated Interpretation,
and SEG Past President

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What SEG and Industry Leaders Say
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"EVOLVE gives students in the beginning of their career a unique opportunity to work in real data as well as real “problem” situations allowing them to develop team work, leadership, and their skills in a learning and cooperative environment"

- Elita de Abreu

EVOLVE 2016 participant, currently at Petrobras

Elita De Abreu.jpg

What those who participated say