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  • With the continuous  reorganizations, downsizings, rightsizings and other adjustments undergone by the industry over many years, the high-level knowledge, experience, and know-how needed to execute successful multidisciplinary, collaborative E&P Projects, and to create value for stakeholders, have been significantly reduced. 

  • The Mission of NexGen Training Partners is to “capture and preserve” those key skills/elements and to pass them to the next generation of professionals, efficiently and cost-effectively 


  • NexGen combines highly-experienced individuals having a deep understanding of the technical, operational and business aspects of the industry with the know-how required to execute projects in today’s Digital and often-Virtual environment.

  • Key industry Leaders advise on and help guide NexGen’s Technical and Business Strategy, while highly experienced Mentors and technologically-savvy Staff  help frame the challenges being faced, then share insights and practical recommendations, thereby reducing the time spent by the next generation “learning the hard way” using, for example, Drilling & Completions or Land Acquisition

  • NexGen’s Founder is fully-proficient in modern workstations as well as Data Management and Data Sources, the Cloud, modern  Technologies and Field Operations.  He has been enthusiastically sharing his ideas and insights with the next generation for years, most recently, and currently, as Technical Coordinator of the SEG EVOLVE student Program.  

A key reason for founding  NexGen was to provide a Commercial Mechanism for highly-recognized and successful SEG EVOLVE “curriculum’ to be delivered to early career professionals working in Oil and Service Companies (EVOLVE Professional)

NexGen and SEG are working closely on EVOLVE Professional with one indirect benefit being additional financial support of the EVOLVE student Program.


In addition to EVOLVE Professional, NexGen offers other Services related to its core Mission of sharing knowledge, experience and know-how with the next generation 


After reviewing this website and becoming familiar with our offerings, we hope you will invite us to become your partner in Developing your next generation of E&P Professionals

Advisory Board (Strategy & Business)



Provide technical advisory and evaluation for Subsurface Evaluation for Exploration, Development and Production teams and projects. Teach and provide lectures and courses in geophysical evaluation, especially Exploration Evaluation & Risking, QI Geophysics and Integrated Reservoir Geophysics. Over his career he has worked with 18 different software packages.

Ken Tubman.jpg


Technology management, technology development, service and software sales and delivery. Demonstrated success at setting strategic directions, planning, and delivering results. Track record of moving into new areas and quickly making an impact. Strong analytic and interpersonal skills.

Advisory Board (Technical)

Lead Mentors

Allen Bertagne 2.jpg


Allen Bertagne is a hands-on, fully-Kingdom-proficient, geophysicist and explorationist with more than 35 years experience gained while working in numerous basins around the world



An expert in seismic volume interpretation and visualization specializing in post stack seismic attributes, structural mapping, seismic stratigraphy, and data management utilizing multiple software platforms. Developed techniques for rapid horizon and fault interpretation resulting in reduced cycle time for mapping and improved interpretation quality.

Nancy House  4 trans.png


Worked as a geophysicist for multinational corporations and small independent oil companies primarily as an interpreter in on and offshore US, South America and Africa (West and East), and other areas. She is second-generation oil field, growing up in Wyoming, Colorado of the US, South America and Singapore.



Provide technical advisory for Exploration, Development and Production teams and projects. Teach and provide lectures and courses in geophysical evaluation, especially Exploration Evaluation & Risking, QI Geophysics and Integrated Reservoir Geophysics. Over his career he has worked with 18 different software packages.

Lead Mentors
Key Industry Leaders

Additional  Mentors

Ivan Puckett - E&P Project Engineering a

Ivan Puckett

E&P Project Engineering

and Technical Design Manager

Allen D. Gault - Drilling and Completion

Allen D. Gault

Drilling and Completions Engineer


Krzysztof (Chris) Wojcik 

Geophysicist - Quantitative Interpretation

AvO technologies -Bayesian Prospect risking


Niyi Adisa

Geologist- Petrophysicist-Engineer

Conventional & Unconventional Plays



John P. Castagna is a Professor of Geophysics and the Sheriff Chair of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science at the University of Houston. He was awarded the 2005 Reginald Fessenden Award, along with Matthew L. Greenberg, for their work in shear-wave velocity estimation in porous rocks.  

Mike Forrest 2.png


Mike began his career in 1955 when he went to work for Shell Oil, from which he retired in 1992. From 1967 to 1975, Mike was one of the key individuals at Shell who recognized the relationship between seismic amplitudes and the presence of hydrocarbons (direct hydrocarbon Indicators). It is because of this early work the he has affectionately been called the “Father of Bright Spots.” 



Xianhuai Zhu is recognized for his meritorious service to the Society and SEG China. Zhu, a 2012 recipient of SEG's Reginald Fessenden Award, served on the SEG Board of Directors from 2014 to 2017 as a director at large. He also served as a Geophysics associate editor from 1997 to 2002. In addition to those duties, he has served as member or chair of several committees and continues to be a valued volunteer for SEG



Francisco Ortigosa has 30-year experience in the oil industry. Francisco focuses in quantifying the economic value added by new technologies in the field of Geosciences and Digital Transformation. Francisco has received the IEEE Spectrum award for the Kaleidoscope Project recognizing one the most innovative projects, and the Platt’s award recognizing the most Commercial Technology of the year.

Worldwide Experience

Work Area Map 3.png

Technological Expertise

Jesus Nevarez SD.jpg

Jesus Nevarez

Mario Ballinas SD.jpg

Mario Ballinas


Johnathan Torres

Expertise in all major modern workstations including the Kingdom Suite, Decision Space, Paleoscan and Petrel. Extensive experience in Data Loading, Data Management, Coding, the Cloud, Virtual Operations, as well as participation in SEG EVOLVE 2018, 2019 and 2020.

About the Founder

Allen Bertagne is a hands-on, fully-Kingdom-proficient, geophysicist/explorationist with more than 35 years experience gained while working in numerous basins around the world

After receiving a B.Sc. in Geology from the Royal School of Mines at Imperial College and an M.A. in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin, he worked for Exxon and explored in the Wyoming Thrust Belt and other Rocky Mountain Basins.


Next, he worked for service companies including CGG, PGS, Core Lab, and Fusion Geophysical, providing exploration and production analysis and advice to domestic and international oil companies. 


From 2006-2010, he was the lead Geoscientist in Shell’s Gulf of Mexico Commercial Team and was responsible for business deals with a total value of more than $500 million.   

Allen Bertagne 3.jpg

In 2010, after raising the necessary drilling funds, he became Country Manager in France for a 2-year exploration campaign in the Aquitaine Basin, on behalf of an exploration JV that included a company he founded, Hexagon Natural Resources


After completing the France project, he worked in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Colombia for 18 months at Shell, before participating as a Geophysicist and Investor in a new Deepwater Gulf of Mexico $2 billion exploration startup, Venari Resources


Since January 2015, he has been a Technical Advisor to several companies, primarily providing high-end integrated interpretation using the IHS Kingdom Suite

Drilling Operations in the Bassin D’Aquitaine, France A “guided tour”
Play Video

Drilling Operations in the Bassin D’Aquitaine, France

A “guided tour”

(2 min. video)

In his spare time,  Allen has served on The Leading Edge Editorial Board, as First Vice President of the SEG and was named as an Honorary Member of the Geophysical Society of Houston in recognition for his contributions to the profession and the industry.  Over the years, he has  also  presented lectures and short-courses to many students and in December 2017, was asked to be Technical Coordinator of the SEG EVOLVE program ( In December 2019 he founded NexGen Training Partners to offer SEG EVOLVE Professional and other Training and Courses  aimed at developing the Fearless Explorers of the Future.

About the Founder
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