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  • SEG has been developing and refining approaches for training in a multi-disciplinary virtual setting since 2015, through its well-recognized and highly-successful EVOLVE Program​


  • In 2020 more than 25 multi-disciplinary Teams worked Virtually on real-world datasets, including 3D seismic and well data, for five months, ultimately identifying a number of prospects in basins from around the world and a Final Investment Opportunity in their assigned area.


  • Because EVOLVE has had a Virtual “footprint” from the start, the 2020 Teams quickly adapted to the COVID 19 challenges and completed their projects on the original pre-COVID timetable.


  • SEG EVOLVE Professional is being led by the same individuals that designed and implemented the original Program, thereby allowing the incorporation of the learnings gained over several years.


  • An EVOLVE Professional pilot in early 2020, with an early-career Team from a major oil company allowed us to further refine the EVOLVE approach and to optimize it for participants actively working in business settings.


  • To learn more about a customized EVOLVE Professional session for your own early career professionals, please complete the form below: