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Your Partner in Developing the Next Generation of Energy Professionals 


The Great Crew Change has led to the departure of many (most, some would say) of the individuals in organizations that had accumulated critical technical knowledge through working on real world projects over many years.


As a consequence, new hires and early career professionals now have limited practical day-to-day support and Mentoring, and often, no one to turn to when they encounter new and challenging situations.


Left unaddressed, this situation is likely to lead to significant and unexpected operational, business, and possibly even legal costs.


NexGen Training Partners, LLC ("NexGen TRP") was founded in 2019 to help address the personnel challenges faced by the Oil and Gas Industry resulting from the Great Crew Change.


NexGen Training Partners consists of highly- experienced Industry professionals with knowledge and expertise developed over decades as well as deep understanding of modern digital multi-disciplinary software and practical E&P workflows. This includes experience with Petrel, Decision Space, Kingdom and many other key software.

These Professionals interact with your Project teams in a customized way bringing relevant experience when needed and supporting them in the achievement of their business objectives.


Our Approach results in staff learning more quickly and effectively rather than having to learn “the hard way” through the use of Drilling, Completions  and Lease Purchase budgets.

Please review the various ways in which Nexgen TRP can help you and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. 


We look forward to working with you and your staff and to facilitate their rapid uptake of the critical knowledge needed to make your company successful.


Allen Bertagne discusses The Great Crew Change,  SEG EVOLVE and NexGen Training Partners  (7 min. video from URTECH 2020)
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Allen Bertagne discusses The Great Crew Change,

SEG EVOLVE and NexGen Training Partners

(7 min. video from URTEC 2020)

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